Since 1980... The Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation has been committed to meeting the needs of people challenged with neurofibromatosis. A large part of our commitment includes the relentless search for a treatment and a cure for NF. We believe that the key to understanding NF and finding a treatment and a cure is through research and clinical trials. The level of funding and the number of research projects we are able to support depends on the generosity of people like you. Your gift is 100% tax deductible and offers hope for thousands of people struggling with this disease. You may choose to make your gift in honor of someone special, giving a gift that gives twice by offering a tribute to a loved one and ensuring that NF research will continue until we find a treatment and a cure. We have strength in numbers. If you've ever wondered whether or not your donation makes a difference, just take a look at the research.

There are numerous ways to help our cause. You can make a donation today, or volunteer at our office by filling out an online form or by calling our office at 972-739-6086.


For any questions or inquiries please call 972-739-6086  or fill out the following form:

OUR MISSION: The Texas NF Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of people impacted by neurofibromatosis by providing comfort, support, education, advocacy and funding of research for a treatment, prevention or cure.



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