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The John D. Wagner and Elisabeth R. Wagner Scholarship is a scholarship awarded each school year for people afflicted with neurofibromatosis who are seeking higher education.
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Deadline is July 7, 2023  

2022-2023 recipient: Abigail Evans

2021-2022 recipient: Abigail Turley
2020-2021 recipient: Kylie White

2019-2020 recipient: Fernando Hernandez

2018-2019 recipients: Emily Jones and Manuel Gutierrez.

2017-2018 recipients: Julie Herrod, Molly Johnson and Katy Wakin
2016-2017 recipients: Tera Willhelm and Myles Marcus 
2015-2016 recipients: Bethany Brown, Rebecca Lambert, Matthew Valicenti, and Dana Zavorka
2014-2015 recipients: Elisha Adair, Maggie LaRonge, Emily Parker, and Alyssa Vasquez
2013-2014 recipients: Monica Kidson, Nathan Leachman, Audrey Miller and Niki Tornick
2012-2013 recipients: Whitney Putska, Kelsey Bates and Gina Zavorka
2011-2012 recipients: Josiah Summerville and Brittany Walter
2009 - 2010 recipients: Amber Adair, Elizabeth Cox, Jessica Dishman and Andrew Pegoda
2008 - 2009 recipients: Karen Cummings, Giovanna Drexel and Erika Martinez
2007 - 2008 recipients: Paige Mackey and Andrew Pegoda

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