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The Haas Family

The Haas Family

Our family has been involved in raising awareness and support for NF for the past 35 years. Our oldest son Luke is the fourth known diagnosis of NF1 in our family. NF can vary in its severity and our family has been challenged by plexiform neurofibromas, scoliosis and optic gliomas. We have been honored to help with various fund raising events and patients support programs that include Houston Highlights, running marathons, and providing craft projects at clinic.

We are so proud of how Luke has embraced his disorder. He does not look at NF as a block in his path but only a stepping stone to achieve something bigger than him. He began his endeavors at the ripe old age of three, where he hosted his first lemonade stand with all proceeds going to Texas NF. His slogan was, “If life gives you NF, make lemonade”. He is excited to continue his mission to spread awareness of NF and raising funds to find a cure.

Today, Luke is 8 years old and is an active third grader. He enjoys acting and spending time with his two little brothers William (age 6) and Charlie (age 11 months); who also help him with his mission to spread awareness of NF. Luke has a passion for cooking and plans to graduate from Texas A&M University and attend culinary school. He hopes that one day you will be his guest at his restaurant, the “Grilled Onion”; where I am sure he will use some of his proceeds to support the Texas NF Foundation. You can follow our family blog,, to learn more about Luke and his brothers’ efforts to fight NF.

We hope you will support the first annual “Cookies with Santa” event and that you will make this wonderful event a new family tradition.

Jennifer, Derrick, Luke, William and Charlie Haas

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